“When it comes to your personal safety, one must determine where and who can give you the best, most accurate information and training. When it comes to the people in your life such as your wife and parents, that informative training must be from someone you trust with your life as well as theirs – gun safety and practical defense skills are not subjects to take lightly. Having known Matt Munson, owner of Effekt Personal Defense, for the better part of 10 years, there was no question he was the go-to source when we decided to take the Texas LTC training. The class portion held in my home was informative and the covered content was clear and well organized. The shooting qualification was held at a local range and was over before we knew it – but what now? We passed our test’s and were given the appropriate documents to apply for our license but did we know how and what to actually do with our guns? The honest answer was ‘not a clue!’ Effekt Personal Defense offers a Fundamentals of Concealed Carry course that dove tails with the LTC course and teaches proper holstering, posturing as wells as repetitive fire and situational awareness. It was the perfect introduction to personal carry and opened the door to the full day course Defense Focus Shooting that will place you in realistic scenerios and situations. Matt specializes in practical defensive skills for everyday people while teaching them to be responsible armed citizens and I would highly recommend to not only those who are interested in the LTC license but Effekt Personal Defense also trains law enforcement and members of our armed forces.”

— James S.

“Having taken 2 CFS courses from Matt I can recommend him for his concise no nonsense approach to teaching and instruction. Very well organized and clear instruction make it easy to learn and understand the principles behind the techniques being taught. The CFS approach makes sense for real world training and Matt clearly understands the underlying principles.

Again, I have no reservations recommending the CFS courses and Matt as an instructor.”

— Mike J.

“I took the 1 day CFS class with Matt & learned a lot. Matt is an excellent instructor & taught me many skills that have made me a better shooter & more confident in my daily concealed carry. He was quick to correct problems in a positive way and kept the class fun. I highly recommend Matt for firearms training.”

— Duane S.

“I had a great time learning how to become a better shooter. I need to work on my draw, my speed..slowing down, my blind reloading, my accuracy, distance… so much!!! I highly recommend every one to take a course on how to be a more effective shooter and I know just the place and person you should do it under. Any one (14 & Up) can take the course… First time shooters to Advanced competition shooters will enjoy the course. If you went through the trouble to get your CHL, you must follow up with this course!”

— Eddie A.

“It was an incredible day. Learned a lot and feel more competent in real life situations. Thanks Matt for the great instruction.”

— Joe S.