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I’m thrilled to share this success story.

In addition to teaching Defensive shooting and Texas License to Carry, and our AdvoCare business, I also work full time.  For this article, I’m not going to disclose the name of my employer just in case they wouldn’t want me to.

Up until recently, my employer has NOT displayed the 30.06 sign on their building.  In other words, there was no prohibition of legal concealed carry at the business (except for employees, which is another issue altogether).

As 2016 approached, and Texas Open Carry loomed, the corporate office (based NOT in TX) of the company I work for made the decision to have BOTH 30.06 (no concealed carry for license holders) and 30.07 (no open carry for license holders) posted and displayed.  I informed the manager and regional human resources director that I thought this was a mistake and that ultimately, we would lose customers over the issue.  Using myself as an example, I told them how I will never shop at Ikea again due to their decision to display the 30.06 sign and prohibit CHL holders from carrying concealed in their stores.  Further, if I walked up to any business to do business and saw the 30.06 sign displayed, I would turn around and take my business elsewhere.

To be honest and fair, while I disagree in the display of either sign, I do understand business’ perspective and decision to display the 30.07 sign to prohibit open carry in their business.  While I think its an overreaction to a problem that isn’t really a problem, I understand why they decide what they decide based on how I assume they are thinking.  Don’t agree, but I understand.

Well, thankfully, it didn’t take to long to hear from a customer of my employer regarding this.  A customer called in and ultimately got put in touch with me.  We had a very pleasant conversation in which he informed me that he came to the location to purchase something, saw the signs (both 30.06 and 30.07) and promptly turned around and shopped elsewhere.  We talked for a while and I assured him that some of us here were on the same side as him.  He wasn’t upset, he just wanted us to know that we lost a customer.

I let management know about the lost customer and ultimately the decision has been made to remove the 30.06 signs from the building (the 30.07 signs will remain, which is fine), thus allowing legally licensed citizens to carry concealed in the business.

This happened BECAUSE the customer called in and politely let the business know.

If you are a License to Carry holder and you frequent businesses that have these signs up, let them know how you feel.  You might be surprised at what your voice can do.  But do it politely!  They have the legal right to make the decision to prohibit carrying of firearms (open or concealed) in their business.  You have the right to choose to not do business there.  You both have rights.  But if you let them know how you feel with respect and courtesy, you might just be the voice of reason they need to hear.

Stay strong, but be a good example of our community.

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