I Shouldn’t Have To Get A License


I’ve had 2 recent conversations that ultimately led me to write about this.

One was with a co-worker, the other was with a good friend of mine.

With my co-worker, we were talking about the employer’s decision to post 30.06 and 30.07 signs on their building, effectively barring customers with Texas License to Carry from carrying on the business premises.  We were going back and forth discussing the obvious, and he said to me that ultimately his stance on concealed carry and open carry in TX is that its a good thing, but he doesn’t do it because he doesn’t want to get the license because he believes in living as close to off the grid as possible.  Basically, he wants as little government tracking on him as he can manage.

I understand that.  Completely.  And I don’t disagree with it.

With my good friend, we were talking about he and his family all getting their TX LTCs.  One of the things he brought up was that he hasn’t ever gotten his TX CHL in the past because on principle he didn’t feel as though he should have to get a license to carry his firearm.  It should be a right, based on the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution.

Again, I understand that.  Completely.  And I don’t disagree with it.


Taking into account the reality of the situation we have right now….the fact that to remain a law-abiding citizen AND carry your firearm, you have to have a License to Carry in the state of TX (to carry in public), I believe that EVERY citizen of TX (and the US) that can get a license to carry should get one.


Because law-abiding citizens, with legally obtained LTCs, within the system currently in place, will be a loud and effective voice in maintaining and expanding our gun rights in the present and future.  To me, its as simple as that.

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