How to Obtain Texas License to Carry

In a broad sense, the process of applying for and obtaining a Texas License to Carry (LTC – formerly CHL) can be thought of in 2 parts:

  • Application/interaction with the State of TX – application, fees, fingerprints, background check, etc.
  • Class/interaction with Texas approved LTC Instructor – class, written test, shooting qualification

The state charges certain fees to apply for Texas LTC (fee table HERE).  In most cases its $140 ($70 for renewals) unless you qualify for a discount of some kind.  These fees are separate from the costs of attending a certified LTC Instructor’s course.

Certified LTC Instructors are free to charge whatever they like for your LTC course.  Common pricing is $75-125.  Effekt Personal Defense conducts LTC classes for $95.  We also teach a combination class that is comprised of the Texas LTC + our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry.

It doesn’t matter if you apply with the state first and take the LTC class second, or just the opposite.  But we recommend you begin your application/fingerprint/background check process with the state first and then attend your LTC class.


  1. Application with the state:
    1. Apply with the State HERE.
    2. After you have applied, schedule your fingerprints. Info HERE and scheduling the service HERE.
  2. Take the LTC course:
    1. Find a certified Texas LTC Instructor and complete the course. Read about our’s HERE.
    2. Upon completion of the LTC course, submit your form CHL-100 (that you get from the course) to the State to show that you attended and passed the course.
  3. Wait for your LTC to arrive.

If you have any questions about this process, we would be happy to try and help if you want to Contact Us. You can also contact the DPS directly at:

Also check out the FAQ page on the DPS website.